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[edit] Introduction

PyPedia is a collaborative programming web environment. Each article in this wiki is a function or class or any other piece of Python code. No need to import anything. Just call the function or instantiate the class that belongs to any other article.

Simple as this: (Mandelbrot is an article in this wiki!)

Check out all validated methods.

[edit] Documentation

  • Documentation.
  • First time in PyPedia? please read this presentation or download it: powerpoint, pdf (warning: a bit outdated)
  • Are you more of a visual type? Watch this video. It is only 2 minutes..
  • To execute locally the code hosted here, install the PyPedia python library:
git clone git://

Then you can download and run the code:

>>> import pypedia
>>> from pypedia import Hello_world
>>> Hello_world()
Hello world!

[edit] Contact

[edit] Citation

If you have used PyPedia please cite this paper

Kanterakis A, Kuiper J, Potamias G, Swertz MA: PyPedia: using the wiki paradigm as crowd sourcing environment for bioinformatics protocols. Source Code Biol Med 2015, 10:14.
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